Terms and Conditions of use

§ 1 Scope of validity

Access to and use of the website www.gazprom-football.com and all other subdomains belonging to this domain (hereafter together called „Website“) are subject to the following terms and conditions. By accessing this website, these terms and conditions are bindingly agreed upon within the relationship between the user and GAZPROM Germania GmbH (hereafter: GAZPROM Germania) as operator of the site. Should the user not accept the validity of these terms and conditions, then the use of the website is prohibited. In addition, the use of certain services, especially prize draws for tickets, may be subject to further regulations. Users of the site will be informed of any supplementary conditions.

GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to partially or wholly change or discontinue the website, the terms and conditions as well as the supplementary conditions at any time at its own discretion and without prior warning. There is no obligation to maintain certain offerings or services. Should the terms and conditions of use be altered, the user accepts the new terms as the basis for continued use of the website.

§ 2 Availability of data and information

Information and data („content“) as well as the design of the website are protected by competition law, by copyright and other laws and are registered trademarks of  GAZPROM Germania and its licensors. GAZPROM Germania makes the content of the website availabile to users solely for personal use. Commercial use of the content is strictly forbidden. GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to wholly or partially save and reproduce any content availabile on this website. The reproduction, redesign, processing or alteration of whole or partial content, in particular text, text passages, pictures, audio or visual data or any other use of material which differs from the intended purpose for commercial, broadcast or publishing purpose is not permitted without the express written content of GAZPROM Germania.

§ 3 Liability

GAZPROM Germania endeavours to ensure that the information provided on this Web site is both correct and complete. However, GAZPROM Germania does not guarantee or assume liability for the correctness, completeness, or up-to-dateness of the information provided. GAZPROM Germania assumes no liability for direct or indirect losses, including lost profits, arising from or in connection with information provided on this Web site. GAZPROM Germania is not responsible for the content of websites linked directly or indirectly from this site. After a rough, general examination, GAZPROM Germania were, at the time of publishing, not aware of any illegal content on websites linked to this page.

GAZPROM Germania does not have any influence over the current and future design, composition, content or copyright of any external internet sites linked to this site and does not regularly or periodically check the sites for potential changes. Links to thrid party websites do not constitute endorsement of their content on the part of  GAZPROM Germania. GAZPROM Germania distances itself from the content of  linked sites. GAZPROM Germania is not responsible for the availability or content of such websites and assumes no liability for damages or injury arising from the use of their content.

§ 4 Your legal obligations / our rights of use

Content submitted or uploaded by users (eg photos or videos) do not constitute GAZPROM Germania content. This content can solely be attributed to the user. When submitting content, the user agrees neither to infringe upon relevant legislation, the rights of third parties or moral standards nor to use the website for commercial or advertising purposes.

GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to examine content and, where appropriate, refuse publication or delete it. There is no entitlement to publication of content on the website. The user confirms copyright ownership of any content submitted to the GAZPROM Germania server and/or has obtained written permission of the author enabling the submission of copyright protected material to the website. By submitting content, the user makes it available for use by GAZPROM Germania.

Right of use includes the revocable worldwide rights to reproduce, disseminate, send, publicly broadcast, publish or similarly otherwise use the submitted content solely on the internet site www.gazprom-football.com  without any claim whatsoever to remuneration by the user or third parties. Right of withdrawl can be excerised at any time by deleting the content and/or contacting GAZPROM Germania.

The user shall indemnify GAZPROM Germania against any and all claims by third parties who have suffered an infringement of their rights, in particular copyright, trademark, general personal rights or other rights violations through content submitted by the user. The user shall recompensate GAZPROM Germania for any legal costs incurred by submitted content that violates the rights of third parties.

§ 5 Prize draws

GAZPROM Germania has sole responsibility for the implementation of prize draws (eg for match tickets) as well as determining the winner. Participation in prize draws is free of charge. The entrant only has to carry the costs of the internet connection and is not required to submit a direct or indirect financial contribution.

Participation in the prize draw does not constitute any contractual or other obligation towards GAZPROM Germania. In particular, participation in the prize draw does not oblige the entrant to purchase goods or services. Only those over the age of 18 is eligible to enter the competition with the exception of employees  (or immediate family) of GAZPROM Germania and their service providers.

GAZPROM Germania may exclude particpants from entering a prize draw. This shall be the case if entrants abuse the terms and conditions or attemot to disrupt or influence the prize draw. Participation via a prize draw service shall be excluded. Only personal entries will be accepted.

Additional conditions may apply to individual prize draws. GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to cancel, alter the conditions of or modify a prize draw at any time. There is no right of appeal and there is no legally enforcable right to a cash alternative to the prize.

Unless agreed otherwise, each user may only enter each prize draw once and is only eligible to win one prize. GAZPROM Germania will inform the winners of each draw, providing the entrant has submitted the relevant contact information.

Should the prize not be delivered to or collected by the winner of the respective prize draws before the allocated deadline, GAZPROM Germania may delete the entitlement to the prize at their own discretion.

Prizes will be delivered to the winner free of charge. Place of performance shall remain the headquarters of GAZPROM Germania, despite the company covering postage costs.

Winners have no right to change or amend the respective prize. Any consequent costs arising from the prize shall be covered by the winner. There is no cash alternative and prizes are non-transferable.

§ 6 Data protection

GAZPROM Germania will only record, process and use personal data in accordance with the site's data privacy policy.

§ 7 Final provision

These terms and conditions and the entire legal relationship between GAZPROM Germania and users of this website are subject to German Federal Law. The place of jurisdiction shall be, where permitted by law, Berlin. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions of use be or become invalid this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions of use.

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