Football for Friendship, also named F4F, is an International Children’s social programme, which is being implemented by Gazprom Company since 2013.

The goal of the programme is to cultivate in the younger generation interest in a healthy lifestyle through football and promote basic human values as friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions and honour.

The programme constitutes of several global events — Open Draw, International Football for Friendship Forum, International Day of Football and Friendship, Football for Friendship World Championship, International Friendship Camp, Nine Values School and numerous local sports and public events in participating countries.

Each season the programme unites thousands of people from all over the world who meet for the Football for Friendship Championship in London, Lisbon, Berlin, Milan, St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities. Six seasons of the project united 5,500 participants, and there are over 4,5 million people who know about the programme. Since the launch of the project, its geographical scope has expanded to 211 countries and regions.

From the very beginning, the evolution of Football for Friendship programme showed the best way of cooperation not only in the football teams of young athletes but in every aspect of teamworking during all the activities. Due to the F4F principle, when children regardless of gender, nationality, race and physical abilities come together, totally different boys and girls play in one team.

The programme is supported by FIFA, UEFA, Olympic and Paralympic Committee, football federations, children’s foundations, hundreds of famous athletes, and thousands of journalists around the globe. With help from leading national and international media, even the most distant corners of the world learn about F4F programme. The programme has local and international awards for complexity and high-level social responsibility.