Here's a list of GAZPROM Ticketmania winners, who all won a pair of tickets for their favourite clubs in the UEFA Champions League!

Juventus FC - Atlético Madrid (2)

  • Elena Vergani (Lecco, Italy)
  • Edoardo Pasini (Sesto San Giovanni, Italy)

Manchester City - FC Schalke 04 (2)

  • Stefanie Leuchten (Meerbusch, Germany)
  • Aamer Younis (Scheffield, United Kingdom)

FC Bayern - Liverpool FC (2)

  • Steffen Scheler (Grub am Forst, Germany)
  • Сергей Вороненков (СПб, Russia)

FC Barcelona - Olympique Lyonnais (2)

  • Jean Marcel Bastian (Lagny sur Marne, France)
  • Jose Manuel Cisnal Roig (Valencia, Spain)

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