Terms and conditions of participation „TICKETMANIA“

(1) On behalf of GAZPROM, a public joint stock company under Russian Law (GAZPROM) - official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League - GAZPROM Germania GmbH (hereinafter GAZPROM Germania) is holding the "Ticketmania" prize draw.

(2) Participation in the “Ticketmania” contest is free and voluntary. Moreover, participation does not depend on purchasing any goods or services or subscribing to any newsletter. All persons who are at least 18 years old at the time of participation are entitled to participate. Employees of GAZPROM Germania and the GAZPROM corporate group as well as persons entrusted with implementing the contest and their relatives are excluded from participation. Participation in the contest requires a one-time registration at www.gazprom-football.com, which is free of charge. Only one account may be opened per person. One can only participate in one’s own name. By registering, the participant confirms that the information provided is truthful, up-to-date and complete and that he accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Data Protection Provisions at www.gazprom-football.com.

(3) The participant must confirm the registration (the account) by e-mail by clicking on the verification link. If the e-mail confirmation is undeliverable, the registration is invalid. GAZPROM Germania is not liable for e-mail confirmations that do not arrive, are sent by mistake, are undeliverable or cannot be delivered for other reasons.

(4) Participation in the ticket prize draw "Ticketmania" is possible up to and including the published closing date for entry of each respective draw. Entries received after the closing date will not be accepted. GAZPROM Germania will not accept any responsibility for technical errors in telecommunications networks, Internet access or otherwise preventing entry to the contest.

(5) The "Ticketmania" prize draw package includes match tickets to assorted UEFA Champions League fixtures on selected matchdays. The amount of match tickets available for the respective fixtures will be updated daily and shown on the GAZPROM ticket barometer. The amount of match tickets available may vary from round to round of the prize draw. Entrants can choose up to 3 clubs in their profile, for whose UEFA Champions League matches they would like to win tickets. Only one set of 2 match tickets can be won per person, per matchday in each respective prize draw round. The match tickets do not permit access to hospitality areas.

(6) Entrants may only submit one application for each respective "Ticketmania" draw. Participation via a prize draw service is prohibited. Only natural persons may enter. GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to exclude entrants seeking to gain an unfair advantage through manipulation of the participation procedure. In such cases, winning entries may be retrospectively discounted and an alternative winner will be selected. Furthermore, GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the prize draw without prior notification, especially in case of interference or obstruction of the regular process.

(7) The winners will be selected at random from amongst all eligible and/or correctly-answered entries. The draw will take place behind closed doors.

(8) The winners of the “Ticketmania” ticket competition will be notified by email. GAZPROM Germania accepts no liability for undeliverability of winning email notifications. Entry tickets will be posted to the winners’ address given at the time of registration or when participating with their profile. Entry tickets will be sent via courier. Shipping and dispatch of other prizes will be handled by the agency akzio! on behalf of GAZPROM Germania. GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to leave entry tickets with the stadium or hand them over to the venue. GAZPROM Germania accepts no liability for non-deliverability of prizes as a result of missing or incorrect details. Any entitlement to receive a prize shall become null and void in this event.

(9) Attendance of a UEFA Champions League match in Italy is subject to certain conditions. Visitors to matches in Italy should be aware of national laws that require the submission of certain data to Italian authorities (First name, last name, passport or ID Nr, date of birth, place of birth, nationality). 

All ticket holders have to write their name onto their ticket with permanent marker before entering the stadium. GAZPROM Germania is permitted to contact winners before tickets are dispatched by telephone or by email to collect this data. Claims to the prize are rendered invalid if this data is not made available in time.

(10) GAZPROM Germania shall not be held liable if the prize is postponed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond its control. Prizes are non-transferable. Winners must cover travel costs to the matches themselves. GAZPROM Germania shall not be held liable for travel to the match.

(11) The decision is final and there is no right of appeal. Recourse to the courts is not permitted. Cash payment, extension, amendment or exchange of prizes is not permitted. The admission tickets or other components of the prize that have been won may not be resold or auctioned. This is prohibited by law. Noncompliance will result in the admission tickets being blocked without further warning, and GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to take legal action.

Presentation of the tickets shall constitute a release and discharge of GAZPROM Germania by each winner (and/or their companions) from any and all liability, claims, demands, causes of action, and/or damages. UEFA has been informed of the prize draw. GAZPROM Germania carries the responsibility for the prize draw. GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to alter or extend these terms and conditions. Entrants will be informed of the changes and may decide at their own discretion whether or not to continue participation in the competition.The relevant contract language for these Terms and Conditions of Participation is German. Translations of this agreement are only for informational purposes. If there are inconsistencies or differences of interpretation between the German version of the Terms and Conditions of Participation and any translation, the German version and its interpretation shall be controlling.

Data privacy

Your data will be handled in the strictest of confidence according to data privacy laws and will not be forwarded to a third party. The data will be recorded, processed and used according to the legal provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and all other relevant legislation.

All email addresses submitted by users will be automatically encrypted so that they will not be read by email search programmes and thus cannot be registered in spam mailing lists.

The organiser shall be entitled to store the data for the purposes of this contest. The data can be used to announce the winner (name, photo, if available) in all channels of communication available to GAZPROM Germania and to send messages from the organiser as reminders of other contests. It is agreed that the data shall be used to announce the winners of the “Ticketmania” contest at www.gazprom-football.com and on GAZPROM Football’s social media channels (www.facebook.com/gazpromfootball, www.twitter.com/gazpromfootball, www.instagram.com/gazpromfootball). Photos and video materials provided to GAZPROM Germania by the winners can be used by GAZPROM Germania in the aforementioned channels. The data protection guidelines for this website shall apply accordingly. The winners can revoke their consent at any time by sending an e-mail to info@gazprom-football.com.

The organiser is entitled to store the data earmarked for this competition. This personal information (name, photo) may be used by the organiser to inform entrants of their prize and remind them of future draws via all communication channels of GAZPROM Germania. The participant agrees to the use of their data in the context of the "Ticketmania" competition on www.gazprom-football.com.

Entrants give their permission for their data to be used in conjunction with the prize draw. All personal information will be deleted after the conclusion of the prize draw. An exception will be made for entrants who registered with a permanent account. This data will be saved and is subject to the data privacy policy of this website.

The organiser is not liable for the loss of data. Participants agree to this condition.

Participants' email addresses will not be forwarded to third parties. Users may revoke authorisation to receive related emails at any any time. If you do not wish to receive further correspondence, an email to info@gazprom-football.com will suffice.

The prize draw is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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