The information you need for the UEFA Champions League RO16 draw:

The UEFA Champions League is heading in the deciding matches of the group stage, only one match separates many clubs from reaching the knockout stage!

A total of 16 teams are allowed to winter in the prestigious competition and are looking forward to the draw for the knockout stage in Nyon on 16 December 2019. We got all the information you need:

The loose balls at UEFA's headquarters in the Swiss community are drawn according to a set pattern: Group winners are selected first pot, second place finishers will be drawn in a separate pot. 
In addition, a rule prohibits teams from the same group or the same association from competing in the Round of 16.

First leg matches of the knockout stage will take place on 18/19/25/26 February 2020, the return matches will follow on 10/11/17/18 March 2020, with the seeded winners having their first knockout round games away and home games in the second leg.

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