Roberto Carlos has awarded the Football for Friendship World Championship winners

On June 1, on the UEFA Pitch located in the Plaza Mayor square, took place the Football for Friendship World Championship Final. In the events of the tournament which took place within the framework of the Gazprom International Children’s Social Programme Seventh Season participated the Gazprom Chairman of Board of Directors Viktor Zubkov and world stars of football Roberto Carlos and Marco Materazzi.

According to the results of the Final where team Antiguan Racer played with team Tasmanian Devil, the Antiguan Racer team won the first place. The regular time ended in a draw, 1:1 and the Antiguan Racer team won the tournament by winning penalty shoot-out.

The F4F World Championship Final was visited by the the Gazprom Chairman of Board of Directors Viktor Zubkov,stars of football like Roberto Carlos and Marco Materazzi, the CEO of Soccer Barcelona Youth Academy Miquel Puig, football legends Andrei Arshavin, Alexey Smertin, bronze winner of 2008 Euro with the Russian national team, Russian champion with Lokomotiv FC, bronze winner of France championship Dmitrii Sychev together with UEFA ambassadors Selia Sasic and Ricardo Carvalho.

“The Football for Friendship programme carries out an important mission of promoting the concept of equality of all the cultures of the world among children. If our kids will learn how to be friends, treat everyone with respect and forget about differences, they will be able to build a better future,” says the legend of the Brazil national team and Real Madrid FC, World Cup winner, 3-times Champions League winner, Roberto Carlos.

In 2019, in the Football for Friendship World Cup participated 32 International Teams of Friendship. Each of them united 12-year-old girls and boys of different nationalities and physical abilities.

Young Coach Lasonas Toumazos from Cyprus helped the Antiguan Racer team prepare for the competition. Just like other Young Coaches he has previously participated in the previous seasons of Football for Friendship.

“I am proud of the kids, they deserve this victory. At the training, we worked perfectly. I like that my mentees are involved, they can listen and support each other. I am sure in case of defeat they would take in with honour and wouldn’t blame it on anyone or each other. The teamwork is more precious than personal ambitions, and it is truly amazing”, says Young Coach from Cyprus, Lasonas Toumazos.

At the end of the Football for Friendship World Championship winners award ceremony, all participants went to the Metropolitano Stadium to see the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final.



The International Children’s Social Programme Football for Friendship has been implemented by Gazprom since 2013. The key values promoted by the programme's participants are friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions, and honour. Football for Friendship is supported by the UEFA, FIFA, International Olympic Committee, football federations of different countries, children’s international charity funds, famous athletes, and the leading football clubs of the world. For the previous seasons, the programme has brought more than 6 thousand participants together and acquired over 5 million followers including famous athletes, artists, and politicians.


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