Dear participants of the FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP programme!

Offering support to children and teenagers is the greatest and most important aspect of our company’s social programs. We try to offer the younger generation as many opportunities as possible to choose a positive life path, develop their talents and realize the vast potential they have.

We have chosen football as a tool that would help young athletes learn how to understand each other better and teach this to their friends and family. The ability to find a common language, despite any differences, is a guaranteed route to success for team sports, business and as a way of living.

We have no doubt that many of you have already decided to make sport your primary occupation. Yet, whichever vocation you pursue, the skill of cooperation will always be your true ally. Your dedication to sport and a healthy lifestyle will give you strength for any new beginnings.

I hope that our programme will make a real impact on your life and bring you new fascinating friends.

Alexey Miller