The FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP Nine Values Cup is a special award of the FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP programme that is annually given at the International Children’s F4F Forum to an adult professional football club.

The F4F Nine Values Cup recognises the football club with the greatest commitment to all the values of the F4F programme: friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions and honour.

The Award-winning football club is chosen during three stages, including global voting for any football club with strong social work, forming of a short list, choosing of the winner by the participants of the F4F programme who act as the young ambassadors of the programme’s values. All the participants vote for the club they think has the greatest achievements both in sport and in delivering good deeds.

This club is more than just a football team, it is an example the young players want to follow. Basically the children select those adults who personify their idea of what they should be like when they grow up. This award represents the children’ vision of virtue and delivers a strong encouraging message to inspire professional clubs to keep on implementing their social initiatives, provide support and help people.

In 2015 the Nine Values Cup was made for the first time by the famous German sculptor Achim Ripperger as a single copy especially for the FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP programme, representing a unique piece of art.

The sculpture features the figure of a young football player holding in his hands an Earth in the form of a soccer ball. It symbolizes the future, which is in hands of the next generation and which depends on the values this generation believes in and promotes.

The first Nine Values Cup was awarded to FC Barcelona in Berlin during the Third International Children’s F4F Forum. Children who voted for the Club noted its initiatives in support and development of youth football as well as help for young footballers from developing countries. The award was presented by young participants of the F4F International Children’s Forum to Ramon Pont, Vice President of FC Barcelona Foundation.

In 2016 Achim Ripperger produced one more Nine Values Cup, also as a single copy, that was awarded during the Fourth International Children’s F4F Forum in Milan to FC Bayern. The president of Bayern Munich Franz Beckenbauer received Nine Values Cup.

Also in 2016 FC AL-WAHDA that represented Syria during the Fourth season of the F4F programme received Nine Values Cup for devotion of young football players to the F4F programme values. Awarding ceremony was arranged in Damascus, Syria, during the open presentation of the documentary film ‘3 Days Without War’ dedicated to Syrian team participation in the F4F programme.

In 2017 young ambassadors will choose three finalists for Nine Values Cup. The winner will be announced during the Fifth International Children’s F4F Forum.