Football for Friendship programme launches special project Football for Friendship Stories

Football for Friendship Stories special project dedicated to the success stories of the Young Participants of the Gazprom International Children’s Social Programme Football for Friendship was launched. A series of videos will be published on the official YouTube Channel of the programme. In these videos, Young Ambassadors of the programme tell about what participating in Football for Friendship has brought into their lives and helped them believe in their powers.

The first hero of the Football for Friendship Stories is Gocha Gogrichiani, participant of the First Season of Football for Friendship. Now he is 19 years old and plays as a midfielder for the FK Rostov U-21 football club (Rostov-on-Don, Russia). In 2013, he joined the programme as a Young Player. This year, he will conduct a training for the Young Players.

«Football for Friendship has become an important part of my life. Through it, I made friends with wonderful people from around the world, whose achievements ate truly inspiring. I think that this programme is important because it helps children enrich their cultural potential and develop in the sports sphere. With F4F Stories, people will be able to hear our stories,” says Gocha Gogrichiani.

Among the Young Participants who will share their stories in the F4F Stories special project are the youngest football commentator in the world and the host of football matches on BeIN Sports channel Yazn Taha from Syria, and Young Journalists and eco-activist from Aruba Sheqayli Lariann Ascencion, and other children from different countries.

Sheqayli Ascencion participated in the Sixth Season of Football for Friendship. In her country, she’s an amazing example of motivation. Together with her peers, Sheqayli participates in beach cleaning campaigns in Aruba and has a blog on ecology in which she encourages the youth of Oceania to come together in order to fight the common problem of protecting and preserving the nature of the Caribbean.

Another example for the peers is the story of the world’s youngest football commentator, 12-year-old Yazn Taha. He manages to combine his love for football and journalism: Yazn hosts matches on BeIN Sports, studies at the Strikers Football Academy of Kuwait. In the Sixth Season, he commented on the deciding match of the Football for Friendship World Championship and attended the Opening Game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Now, Yazn Taha comments on the games in Arabic and English. For the final events of the Seventh Season in Madrid, Yazn decided to learn Spanish as well.

“I’m thankful to Football for Friendship for helping me to develop in sports journalism. I’ve always dreamt of commenting football games, and I can’t believe I will soon see the UEFA Champions League Final in Madrid. I think that F4F Stories will help other children believe in themselves and achieve their goals,” says Yazn Taha.

The Football for Friendship Stories include 9 videos. Each of them tells a story of a Young Participant through one of the Nine Values of Football for Friendship. The project will continue its work in the following seasons and collect even more success stories of the Young Players, Young Coaches, Young Referees, and Young Journalists.

The final events of the Seventh Season of the Gazprom International Children’s Social Programme Football for Friendship will take place in Madrid from May 28 to June 2. The International Football for Friendship Forum and the Football for Friendship World Championship are part of the final events of 2019 F4F. The Football for Friendship World Championship Final will take place in the very heart of Madrid – Plaza Mayor. On June 1, the programme’s participants will attend the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final at the Metropolitano Stadium.



The International Children’s Social Programme Football for Friendship has been implemented by Gazprom since 2013. The key values promoted by the programme's participants are friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions, and honour. Football for Friendship is supported by UEFA, FIFA, International Olympic Committee, football federations of different countries, children’s international charity funds, famous athletes, and the leading football clubs of the world. For the previous six seasons, the programme has brought more than 6 thousand participants in more than 211 countries together and acquired over 5 million supporters including famous athletes, artists, and politicians.


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