The Friendship bracelet is an official symbol of the FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP programme and is a sign of tolerance, equality and a healthy lifestyle. Established in 2014, the bracelet is made of two simple strings of blue and green colours.

Blue symbolises a clear, cloudless sky; common for all and precious for everyone, peaceful and quiet as it should be. Green is the colour of the football field; permanent and available for everyone worldwide regardless of age, gender and social class.

Participants of the FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP programme exchange Friendship bracelets before friendly football matches and other events of the programme. Binding the Friendship is a symbolic action of making friends and demonstrating commitment to the key values of the programme – tolerance and friendship among people from different countries.

As ambassadors of the FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP movement, young footballers present the Friendship bracelets to famous sportsmen and artists, journalists and representatives of associations and governing bodies. Thus, the Friendship bracelet is a tool for promoting project values and attracting new supporters of the FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP movement.