Moscow, June 12, 2018. – The classes of the International Friendship Camp have come to an end today. Several rounds of educational programme, including sports, humanitarian and ecological parts were organized for the young participants. Master classes for the children were held by the famous athletes, the journalists of the Russian and International media hold workshops on sports journalism within the framework of the International Children's Press center.

During a 3-day programme of the Camp lots of professionals made lectures for the children. One of them was the director of the UN Information Center in Moscow Vladimir Kuznetsov. He explained all the Young F4F Ambassadors the ways of making contribution to the nature protection. As for the Young Journalists, they mastered portraiture on a class of the German photographer Jasper Ehrich and also learnt the basic rules of drawing on author's lecture of the famous British illustrator Bill Aysprey.

Besides, within the ecological mission of the Football for Friendship at the Spartak Football Academy the CEO of the Amur Tiger center Sergey Aramilev made an open-lesson for the children. He told them about variety of the Russian nature and the work of the Russian Lazovsky reserve specialists, that are specialised in protection of tigers. The Young Ambassadors saw two animals that were saved by the professionals of the reserve — tigers called Vladik and Philip. Also, the regional coordinator of the programs for preservation of species of the red panda of the Nepalese Fund "Red Panda Network", Pema Sherpa, lectured the children about a problem of protection and preservation of the environment. She drew attention of the kids to the fact that Nepal is one of the most biologically various corners of the world. Nowadays this country is the place of natural dwelling of a set of rare and endangered species of animals, and the protected territory of the reserve Red Panda Protected Forest is the largest reservation of natural dwelling of red pandas in the world today.

By the end of the International Friendship Camp activities the Young F4F Players and Journalists were perfectly trained and ready for the main sports event of the Sixth season of the programme - the Football for Friendship World Championship.