Moscow, June 7, 2018. – Millions of football fans from all over the world now have an exceptional opportunity at their fingertips! A mobile application called Football for Friendship has been developed for a wide range of users from all continents as part of the Sixth Season of the International Children's Social Program of Gazprom PJSC, Football for Friendship. Now everyone can download the unique mobile app from Google Play and Apple Store. It contains detailed information about the history and news of the project as well as numerous entertainment sections. Thanks to the app, which covers world football and everything linked it, millions of fans anywhere in the world – from beginners to professionals – can now unite in a single team to promote football to children, teens and adults worldwide.

For example, thanks to the app, people from all over the world that are united by love to the sports and healthy lifestyle can communicate freely and learn new football terms without a language barrier. All users and supporters of Football for Friendship can easily speak the same language as the app contains a service in 62 languages from all continents of the planet. Users can choose the most common, vital phrases in their native language and instantly translate them into a foreign language. This function allows all football lovers of different ages, nationalities and interests, as well as the young participants of Football for Friendship from 211 countries and regions of the world to quickly establish links and find a common language with new friends. What's more, the app can be used to create photos with the Football for Friendship logos, learn interesting facts about the countries participating in the program and Football for Friendship's ecological mission, as well as take tests about football and other sports topics.

Another feature unique to the app means users can download exclusive custom ringtones with the national themes of Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America, as well as Australia and Oceania. The original ringtones, written specially for the young participants of the Football for Friendship program, are designed to introduce children to the cultural diversity of the world, and teach them about the folklore and traditions of different countries.

"The Football for Friendship app is aimed to draw attention of the children and adults from different countries to the cultural diversity of our world.The application allows to learn more about sports and different traditions of all 211 countries participating in our programme.The Football for Friendship's mission is to unite children and adults of different nationalities, age, gender and cultural backgrounds. I am confident that both the guests of the FIFA World Cup 2018, that are arriving now to Russia, will appreciate the free mobile application of the Football for Friendship programme that allows everyone to easily overcome the barriers in communication", said Global Director of the Football for Friendship program Vladimir Serov.

"I believe that an app of this kind is a very important tool for all participants of the program. It opens the door to users to learn more about the program and prepare themselves for what will happen at the Football for Friendship finals. I also really like the fact that when Football for Friendship is over and I return home, I will be able to show my friends videos and photos from all events as well as interesting facts about all the countries of the world that are so wonderfully described in the app", said Young Ambassador of Football for Friendship Noah Borg (Australia, 12).

"It's really cool that the app was created specifically for the program because it's not that easy to find ringtones from each continent of our planet on the Internet. All participants of Football for Friendship have them now! I'm super keen to put the Europe ringtone, where I'm from, on my phone, or Africa, which I want to learn as much as possible about – so that the program is always with me!", said Young Ambassador of Football for Friendship, Luca Lombardi (United Kingdom, 12) sharing his emotions with us.