Youth Football League is a project dedicated to the restructuring of the system of conducting youth competitions in Russia, a new opportunity for the system of preparing reserves. YFL’s main task is to immerse young players into a more competitive environment, easing up the process of moving from the youth to the professional teams. YLF unites players of various ages, helping them in their development in both youth and eventually professional football.

Gazprom is the main partner of the league. The company is well-known for its active support of various sporting endeavours.

In the second season YFL has been expanded into 2 sub-leagues: YFL 1 and YFL 2. Teams representing 14 football academies will play in YFL 1 (they mostly consist of players born in 2003); teams from the same academies will play in YFL 2 (but those will mostly consist of players born in 2004). This will allow the young talents to make their first step in professional football earlier.

The participants have been picked by the RFU experts based on the aggregate rating of football schools, with reference to the results obtained by them in the final tournaments of the Russian Youth Championship as well as the percentage of representation in the National Team.

The season will finish in May 2021 and the winner of YFL 1 will obtain the right to represent Russia in the most prestigious European tournament - Youth UEFA League.

YFL isn’t just a competition, but a new centre of football power. With this project we are creating a youth players’ community alongside their supporters and everyone passionate about sport. YFL participants pay a lot of attention to socially important projects; get used to the existence in the media space and take part in the program “Football for Friendship”. YFL is a new football reality for those who want to be first and different, those willing to battle for their region or city and those ready to play their hearts out.