§ 1 The object of the terms of participation and acceptance

These terms of participation define the terms under which a person can participate in the ‘Jerseymania’ jersey prize competition (hereinafter, simply referred to as the prize competition).

These terms of participation are accepted when a person participates in each respective prize competition.

§ 2 Organiser

GAZPROM Germania GmbH (hereinafter referred to as GAZPROM Germania) organizes the ‘Jerseymania’ prize competition on behalf of the public limited company GAZPROM (GAZPROM), the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League.

§ 3 Participation

In order to participate in the prize competition, participants are required to register once only and free of charge on www.gazprom-football.com. Only one account per person may be opened. In this respect, we refer you to our terms and conditions of use that apply to this which can be downloaded at https://www.gazprom-football.com/en/legal-notice/conditions-of-use.

You can only participate in the prize competition under your own name. By registering, the participant confirms that the information provided is true, up-to-date and complete and that the general terms and conditions of use and the data protection provisions have been accepted. The registration (of the account) must be confirmed by the participant by email by clicking on the verification link. If email confirmations are undeliverable, the registration and therefore participation in the prize competition are invalid. GAZPROM is not liable for email confirmations that do not arrive, are erroneously sent, are not deliverable or cannot be delivered due to other reasons.

The ‘Jerseymania’ jersey prize competition is free to enter and optional. Furthermore, participation is not dependent on the purchase of goods and services or on ordering a newsletter. Any natural person over the age of 18 at the beginning of each respective prize competition round is eligible to participate. Each participant is only permitted to take part in each ‘Jerseymania’ jersey prize competition round once. Participation via a prize competition service is excluded. Only registrations that are effected autonomously are permitted. 

Employees of GAZPROM Germania and of the GAZPROM group of companies and people who are entrusted with running the competition and their relatives are excluded from taking part.

Participation in the individual rounds of the ‘Jerseymania’ prize competition is possible up until the point of each published competition closing deadline. GAZPROM Germania does not accept any liability for technical failures during the course of participation.


§ 4 Prizes and notifications of prizes

In the "Jerseymania" competition, a total of 10 official jerseys of the clubs qualified for quarter-final matches of the UEFA Champions League season 2020/2021 as well as 10 official UEFA Champions League balls (prize) will be raffled off. The competition consists of one prize draw rounds, 10 shirts and 10 balls will be raffled per prize draw round. One prize includes an official UEFA Champions League ball and a jersey of one of the clubs that qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2020/2021 UEFA Champions League season. 

The prize is awarded to participants who could answer the question that was asked correctly before the competition closing deadline. If a number of correct entries are submitted, the winner is decided via a draw. The draw is conducted privately.

It is not possible to exchange the prize for a cash award, or to roll over, change or exchange the prizes. Prize winners are not permitted to resell or auction the prize or parts of the prize. Prize winnings are not transferable.

The winners of the "Jerseymania" jersey competition will be published on GAZPROM Football's social media channels on the day of the end of the round as part of a live draw, including their usernames, and will subsequently be notified by e-mail. GAZPROM Germania accepts no liability in the event that notification emails cannot be delivered. The winners will also be listed and published on the website after the end of the round.

The jerseys and balls are sent to the address that the winner provided in his or her account details on registering or at the point he or she took part in the competition. The jerseys and balls are delivered by a courier service. Dispatching the jerseys and other processes that relate to the prize win are carried out by the agency SPORTFIVE Germany Consulting GmbH that has been appointed by GAZPROM Germania to undertake these tasks. GAZPROM Germania does not accept liability for any incorrect or false information supplied and for the non-delivery of the prize that results from this. In this case, any entitlement to receive a prize will become null and void.

GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to determine the size and the exact model of the raffled jerseys independently and assumes no liability if the size or the model of the jersey is unsuitable for the winner.


§ 5 Exclusions

Any infringements of these terms of participation entitle GAZPROM Germania to exclude the participant in question from the prize competition. This applies particularly if the participant has provided false information when registering or has set up multiple accounts.

In the case of a participant who has been excluded and who has already been awarded a prize from the draw, the prize can still be subsequently disallowed.

§ 6 Early termination and amendments

GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to terminate the prize competition early at any time and also without advance notice either fully or in part, or to amend the competition at any point in the process if it is not possible for technical (e.g. computer viruses, the manipulation of or errors in software/hardware) or legal reasons to guarantee that the prize competition can be conducted in a proper manner.

§ 7 Data protection information; Consent

With respect to participation in the prize draw, participants’ personal data that is collected when they register is processed in order to identify and notify individual winners. You are therefore advised to refer to GAZPROM Germania’s data protection policy which can be downloaded online at https://www.gazprom-football.com/en/legal-notice/data-privacy.

The winners are announced by GAZPROM Germania via its own company communication channels. For this purpose, winners therefore agree that GAZPROM Germania can publish

-their names and

-their place of residence

on www.gazprom-football.com and social media channels used by GAZPROM Football: www.facebook.com/gazpromfootballwww.twitter.com/gazpromfootball and www.instagram.com/gazpromfootball.


§ 8 Final provisions

If the terms of participation contain invalid terms, the validity of the remaining terms is unaffected. The parties are obliged to replace an invalid term with a valid term which comes the closest to representing the aim of the contract, taking due account of the commercial interests of both parties. The same process should apply if a legal loophole arises during the execution of this contract which requires an amendment.

The accepted contractual language for these terms of participation is German. Translations of this agreement are for information purposes only. In the event of contradiction or difference in interpretation between the German version of the terms of participation and possible translations, the German version and its interpretations are decisive.

GAZPROM Germania reserves the right to change or append these terms of participation at any time. In the event of this, the participants are informed about the changes and can decide whether they would like to continue to participate in the prize competition under the new terms and conditions.

There is no right of appeal.

The prize competition is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.